Traffic Safety Agency of Republic of Srpska

Traffic Safety Agency of Republic of Srpska (TSARS) performs developmental, technical and regulatory affairs, in the field of the road traffic safety. Agency has 6 employees (the most of them are traffic engineers). Core activity: Issues periodic analyses and publications with data on traffic and road traffic accidents and organizes publication of professional literature in the field of traffic safety; Analyzes, monitors and improves the road traffic safety system through preventive and promotional activities and other activities in cooperation and coordination with other institutions; Development of licensing system for road safety auditors and inspectors; Cooperation with regional and local bodies for the road traffic safety; Perform other tasks related to improving the road traffic safety. Participation in the projects financed by European Commission or by World Bank:

  • Member of the Working Group in the World Bank financed project no. P100792-ROAD INFRASTRUCTURE AND SAFETY PROJECT. Improvement of Road Safety Management in the Republic of Srpska. October 2011-May 2012.

Full memberships in professional and scientific organisations:

  • Since 2018, in the ETSC-European Transport Safety Council, based in Brussels,
  • Since 2014, in the PRILa Prévention Routière Internationale,


  1. Milija Radović
  2. Milan Tešić