Work methodology of TRAFSAF project is elaborated through seven work package types, encompassing in total 35 activities necessary to achieve project aims and objectives. Precise milestones and delivery dates as well as the content of the deliverables are defined in a detailed work plan.


The overall aim of the project TRAFSAF is to support modernization of HEIs in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo* in the field of transport and traffic engineering by introducing new curricula, and to improve knowledge o traffic safety professionals, based on EU HEIs best practices and recommendations of National strategies for traffic safety in the Western Balkans. The modernised laboratories with the latest hardware and software equipment for simulations, where the students will gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied, and the up-to-date library units will contribute to innovative new study programmes. This equipment will be also used for training of professionals.


The sustainability of the project will be ensured with the following outcomes: 1) at least eight new undergraduate/master programs in the field of transport and traffic engineering (by introducing the new courses from the field of traffic safety) at the WB partner HEIs will be developed, accredited (where required) and implemented 2) four new training programmes in traffic safety (one per each WB partner country) with training materials for traffic safety professionals developed and conducted 3) retrained teaching staff through study visits with up-to-date knowledge in traffic safety to teach on the new undergraduate/master programmes 4) advanced teaching and learning process introduced 5) introduced new laboratory equipment, library units and software necessary for the continuation of the new undergraduate/master programmes

About project

About project

The project Improving the Traffic Safety in the Western Balkan Countries through Curriculum Innovation and Development of Undergraduate and Master Studies/TRAFSAF goal is development and implementation of the advanced and modern curricula in line with Bologna requirements and national accreditation standards that enable education of specialists in the field of traffic safety. Modernized/new study profiles that include comprehensive aspects of traffic safety will be the result of analysed shortcomings of current system for traffic safety in WB partner countries.

Next meeting at “Promotion of traffic safety in WB” conference within TRAFSAF project will be held from 2nd to 3rd of December 2021 in Novi Sad, Serbia.

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